Tasmanian Eucalyptus

Buitenleven, a Dutch outdoor living magazine, launched a series of articles on permaculture in February 2019. I was asked to provide the articles with botanical images, three per edition; one large image for the title page and two smaller ones that could be spread throughout the text. For the first edition I painted a Tasmanian Eucalyptus for the title page; Bill Mollison, crucial in making us aware of the importance of permaculture in our times lived in Tasmania when he first shared his experiments and insights with the rest of the world.
Permaculture plants and trees are typically useful, eadible and often applied in medication or other beneficial applications such as cremes for the skin. The eucalyptus is a fericious grower, it provides us with eucalyptus oil and creates shade for man and other living beings across vast amounts of land in very warm areas.
CategoryBuitenleven Magazine, a series on permaculture
Date2019 NEW!
Width30 cm / 11.8"
Height40 cm / 15.7"
Statusfor sale
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh