Lantana, my Favorite

The Queen butterfly, Danaeus Gilippus, is a truly majestic butterfly. It is very strong and manages to travel thousands of miles along America's East Coast. This piece was done for the juried show "Butterflies, Moths and Pollinating Insects of the East Coast" It was so successful that it became a traveling exhibit. The Lantana camara, on which the butterfly is resting shows a delightful example of Nature's efficiency: when one of the flowers has been visited by an insect in search for honey the flower turns yellow. Any other insect "knows" it should visit the remaining pink ones. How fantastic is that?!
Framed with a double mat, UV protective glass and blond oak wood
CategoryGouache and Water Color
Width55 cm / 21.7"
Height65 cm / 25.6"
Statusfor sale
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh