Fall Bouquet (Acer cissifolium)

Acer Cissifolium, Water Color
This watercolor was especially created for a juried show, organized by the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists in Leiden, to honor Von Siebold, who imported many planys from Japan to the western world in the 19th century. The Arboretum of Aubonne found a small Acer cissifoliumtree for me in Geneva, and brought it to my house. When the show was still traveling in Europe they called: was the small tree doing alright? I told them that I had to put it in my garden for it was growing rapidly and needed space. They asked me if I liked it and if I did would I please keep it? Yes please! What a delightful and unique experience.

The piece was not easy to create. Many leaves had begun to change color, were becoming a bit dry but at the same time displayed marvelous colors in the process, such as deep pink, lilac, small flecs of bright orange etc. It was a precision work of art to create and I tried to give it something of joy by the little branches that caried small buds, with two small twigs that seemed to reach up to the sky in celebration.

The piece came back to Switzerland in July, 2013
CategoryGouache and Water Color
Width53 cm / 20.9"
Height63 cm / 24.8"
Statusfor sale
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh