11 Februari 2023I just wanted to show you how well your art is coming out on the screens of our galeries and partner-galeries!

The Urbanside Gallery ARTBOXY project, Zurich, Switzerland, on the image "Remembrance" an Art Deco inspired water color of bright red poppies (Papaver sp.)

6 November 2022Thank you for the Botanical Birthday calender. It went around the world to be delivered to me. The kindhearted and fantastic images give me comfort and power."
A. Ichikawa, Japan
A. Ichikawa, Japan
6 November 2022Brava Gusta!!! So well deserved. You are forever an inspiration!
Bonnie Cotnoir, New York State, USA
6 November 2022Got the package of cards today. -Thank you - They are absolutely beautiful. Love you.
Bobbi Kolton, Mendham, New Jersey, USA
30 Juli 2019What you showed us this time was yet again exceptionally beautiful.
Anonymous, The Netherlands
28 Mei 2019C'est si joli; I love the bees!!
Paola Poroli, photographer, Geneva, www.paolaporoli.com
13 Maart 2019Your drawing of the Birch and Chanterelles struck such a chord of nostalgia with me. My parents used to have two massive Birch trees, which they had planted outside our house. Your Chanterelles look exactly like the Austrian "Eierschwammel" (literally translated to egg-mushrooms due to their yolk-like coloring), which we used to pick as a family in the Austrian forests.
Thank you for the lovely memories...
Marie Rendell, New Jersey, USA
13 Maart 2019This is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.
12 Maart 2019So beautiful and tender. Looking at the picture I can't wait for spring. At the same time I imagine morning dew and a very soft breeze of air. You capture all of this in your drawing, Gusta. This project is made for you! Please continue with your updates.
Ursula Hammerling, Florida, USA
25 Februari 2019I always knew you would go places. I remember when first seeing your work. I was overwhelmed by its perfect beauty. It is breathtakingly lovely. All the best wishes to you for your continued success. In admiration of your beautiful apricot blossom branch for Buitenleven Magazine.
L. Henning, professional sculptress, Nantucket island, USA
16 Februari 2019Congratulations Gusta. Your work continues to be simply amazing.

You should consider entering the U.S. National Duck Stamp Competition. It is a very prestigious event and you have the talent to win it.

Craig, California, USA
22 September 2018Dear Gusta, Your paintings are more beautiful every day! They belong in a museum.
A. Conover, Mendham, New Jersey, USA
17 November 2017What a beautiful set of drawings! So many stories one can guess and dream while looking at these beautiful drawings. Congratulations!
Muriel W. Lausanne Ouchy, Switzerland
14 November 2017I am quite serious about your art. I don't get how someone can do that. They look like frickin photographs. Simply amazing. Keep it up.
Craig Bitler, USA
22 April 2016Many congratulations! Such beautiful work.
Bonnie Cotnoir, artist, New York state, USA
19 April 2016Congratulations for this. The whole plan looks great - and your work looks great as well. Good luck with sales - and just with your beautiful creations being imprinted in people's lives.
Paul Oratofsky, curator, writer, poet, photographer, New York City, USA
12 April 2016Comment on the VIDA link:
Wow, that is awesome Gusta! Congratulations. These (designs) are beautiful. It solves my mother's day shopping problem! ;-)

Scott, Sydney, Australia
12 April 2016Comment on the VIDA link: Your work is the best. I don't know how you do that but it is simply amazing.

Craig, San Luis Obispo, California, USA
13 September 2015A very beautiful exhibit; paintings of great finesse and elegance. Merci and bravo.
6 September 2015Beautiful. Magnificent + brilliant details!! I love it, just love it!!
5 September 2015Magnificent in its precision, delicacy, finesse. A moment of calmness and dreaming.
30 Augustus 2015Thanks so very much for your magnificent exhibition in the beautiful surroundings of the 'Galerie du Pressoir' in Ecublens.
28 Augustus 2015"You will surely have heard about Pierre-Joseph Redoute, the 18th century painter famous for his water color paintings of flowers, particularly roses. He has been called the 'Raphael of flowers'. And here today, at the Galerie du Pressoir, you are able to admire the extensive 'palette' of the work of Gusta van Dobbenburgh, worthy successor of Redoute."

28 Augustus 2015Magnificent that the flower be the queen of the paintings by Gusta van Dobbenburgh!
28 Augustus 2015Congratulations on your beautiful exhibition in this wonderful setting, enlightening the gorgeous works of art.
30 Juli 2015August 28 - September 13, 2015,
An exhibition of contemporary painting at the Galerie du Pressoir in Ecublens
Vaud, Switzerland

Watercolor paintings and drawings.... Dutch artist Gusta van Dobbenburgh uses different techniques to illustrate botanical subjects. Work of amazing artistic quality! In the tradition of Pierre-Joseph Redoute, painter of the 17th century well known for his floral paintings, Dutch artist Gusta van Dobbenburgh pays homage to the floral universe. After having studied with Mindy Lighthipe in New York, Gusta van Dobbenburgh exhibited in the United States, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. This summer she exhibits her work at the Galerie du Pressoir in Ecublens. An event definitely not to be missed!

Loisirs.ch, July 2015

Galerie du Pressoir, rue de Bassenges 21A, 1024 Ecublens (VD)
August 28 - September 13, 2015.
Opening hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 - 7 pm (16h00 - 18h00)

27 Mei 2010Two artists are currently showing us flowers and plant life in very different ways, but to the same end: drawing our attention to a part of the world around us that we too easily take for granted. One is local botanical artist Gusta van Dobbenburgh, whose luminous and elegantly delicate paintings of garden beauties have now been brought together in a fine “Botanicalendar” with Lausanne designer Sue Niewiarowski as the designer.
1 Oktober 2009Gusta is sensual in her observations of the natural world, in the selection of her subjects and in the use of her materials. It is very clear that she delights in form and texture; from the delicate transparency of a petal to the unexpected twist of a stem, or the sculptural contours of a leaf, Gusta brings much more to this work than mechanical accuracy. Far from mere specimen renderings, Gusta's work is luminous and playful. Using colored pencil, gouache, water color and graphite, she virtually pulls life out of the paper. Where art and science meet; with skill and passion, botany is enlivened and beauty is the result.
Sue Niewiarowski, free-lance writer; The Flash, EPFL Newspaper, Switzerland
1 April 2008Gusta van Dobbenburgh takes us on a fascinating journey to the heart of the plant kingdom. With precision and great finesse, graphite, colored pencil, gouache and watercolor are the masterfully applied media that unveil the fragile beauty of the botanical universe that surrounds us. Nature speaks to us through every work of art...
Alain Chollet, Owner 'Domaine Le Daley', Switzerland
1 September 2006You have an incredibly beautiful hand; what beautiful work!
Martha Parrish
Martha Parrish & James Reinish Gallery Inc., Upper East Side, New York City
1 November 2005It is not only that you have depicted with great accuracy the plants that you have chosen to illustrate: it is that you have illustrated them with a beauty and a balance that make them into great works of botanical art. The sharpness, precision and clarity of your art remind me of the works of Albrecht Dürer.
Marvin Harold Cheiten, author, poet, playwright and patron, Princeton, NJ, USA
1 Oktober 2005The fig is truly wonderful. The color, the way the light hits the fruit, the details on the leaves, the depth. First rate. Thanks for something so beautiful.
Benne de Weger, commissioning patron, The Netherlands
16 Juni 2005A sweet pea gently drapes the canvas, its wispy tendrils dancing with the flower's delicate pink petals. In contrast, a clipping of a vine exposes the artist's inner sensitivity and skill. All of her renderings reflect her personality whether gesturing or poised. Exquisitely executed.
Summit Observer-Echo Leader, New Jersey, USA
15 Juni 2005Van Dobbenburgh's work has been described as rich in form, tone and dimension. For Botanical.nl she unveils the study of bulbs, vines and flowers.
The Independent Press, New Jersey, USA
11 November 2004Van Dobbenburgh's graphite flowers, such as her drawing entitled "Black Rose" are a dark symphony of pleats, folds, tones, dimensions and roundness of form.
The Observer Tribune, New Jersey, USA
1 November 2004The "Black Rose" is a stately and elegant work taking a small bow to the world holding her hand to her face. "Under Mother's Wings" is stronger and appears as a mother with her children in a dance to life, still connected as one. The artist's sensitivity to her subject combined with her apt skill at drawing leaves us with a representation we should all be grateful for.
Franklin 54 Gallery, Tribeca, New York City, USA
1 Januari 2004So, so, so very beautiful.
Thomas Famington, on the Ansonia Windows gallery exhibition, Greenwich Vilage, New York City, USA
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh