Barn Owl (Tito alba)

The activities of the 'barn owl team' of UNIL (Univ. of Lausanne) at Chateau de Vullierens were fun and inspiring. They explained the research they were doing in the area, going from one owl box to the next, apread across the area near farms, homes and other buildings, checking the owls and their chicks at regular intervals.

Barn owls are beautiful and nocturnal birds, feeding on the small rodents that crowd the fields. The owls prevent the growing crop from being eaten by the rodents, as a result the farmers spray fewer chemicals and the harvest is healthier for us all to eat. A fantastic way for animals and people to help each other.

They also lent me a taxi- dermi example that I took home to my studio. It is a true beauty to paint.
CategoryGouache and Water Color
Date2019 NEW!
Width40 cm / 15.7"
Height50 cm / 19.7"
Statusfor sale
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh