Barn Owl (Tito alba)

Barn owls live in the area. They are photogenique and have beautiful, individual faces. This one was a taxidermy example (with a somewhat damaged but beautiful tail) lent to me with one other example by the University of Lausanne owl team.

The UNIL Students have spread nest boxes throughout the canton in order to study the owls and their behavior. Because the owls feed on rodents they influence the number of rodents (that damage the crop) in the fields so the local farmers spread less poison, which is better for both the crops, the soil and in the end for all of us who buy and eat the harvest results.

A similar project is going on in the Middle East, where Israelian and Palistinian barn owls live peacefully together and mate. What an example!
CategoryGouache and Water Color
Width50 cm / 19.7"
Height40 cm / 15.7"
Statusfor sale
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh