Botanicalendar 2nd Edition! November 24, 2020, 21:15

My 'Botanicalendar', a perpetual birthday calendar, sold out. But the requests kept coming in. So we got busy and here is the result: twelve months of radiant botanical art. It has the same high quality creamy-white paper with a matching hanger and sells for 25,- Please go to Shop and use the fill-out form if you want to place an order, or simply send me an email: gussony(at)yahoo(dot)com at let me know what you need. 
If you live in my area when possible I will drop it off.

Drawing class for kids 6-10 September 21, 2020 September 15, 2020, 13:10

Fun News: I will be doing a graphite drawing class on September 21st, Lundi Jeune, at Chateau de Vullierens, Vullieren (VD) from 15h00-16h00 at the 'Grenier' first floor, for 5 children age 6-10. We will be drawing a pumpkin, learning about how light hits an object,  how to make it look round. etc. Basic drawing in graphite pencil. Enrollment: gussony@yahoo.com First come first serve! Chf5,-
The drawing below gives an idea of what graphite pumpkins might look like. We will be doing a simpler example, though, in class, as this is beginner drawing for kids. Chf 5- pp
Also check out: www.chateauvullierens.ch

Edible Forest, Birches and Chanterelles September 14, 2020, 12:04

It is fall. I want to make it a point to add this image, created for Buitenleven Magazine. Many viewers wrote that it took them back to their childhood. Decades ago the chanterelle was not protected yet. Now we know why: chanterelles are delicious and also wonderful to look at with their radiant golden yellow. Finding them, slightly hidden under some leaves near a big tree was a feast.
Fortunately they are protected now and grown by specialized mushroom breeders. In Switzerland and France they are cultivated on both sides of the Jura mountains and come in all kinds of shades of gold. 

Nature's Art August 27, 2020, 12:44

The Swiss Art Space, a large art platform in Lausanne Corona-postponed the groupshow Nature in April-May (2020) until further notice. When it got the green light to open its door again at the end of July the set up was quickly arranged. The opening took place on July 24.  We wore masks, there were no snacks or drinks but every artist could bring something individually for their visitors. The atmosphere was great and everybody had a wonderful time.
But most of all I wanted to let you know that while I was sending out invitations I realized something special was going on: they evoked HOPE among people everywhere. The show did not just display beautiful art, it evoked hope for better days, for more art shows everywhere, face-to-face under the right circumstances and regulations, to celebrate the ARTS worldwide again. 
Many thanks to the entire team of the Swiss Art Space, in particular to Dragan Stefanovitsch, Director of operations, for his relentless efforts and hard work!

Carrots, soil and mulch for Buitenleven Magazine September 30, 2019, 12:38

Even though the use of mulch on top soil has been very much in the news in connection with the effects of global  warming, its application as a natural means against drying out has been around for as long as we can remember. 
Over time, we did find new materials, like cocoa shells of chocolate beans for example. Some mulches keep out hazardous insects, others make soil smell beautifully. Overall the use of mulch is a great example of a responsible and creative way to protect earth. 
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh