Nasturtium and Dill 30 septembre 2019, 13:29

Nasturtium climbs, winds and covers. Its bright orange and yellow colors stand out in nature while it often forms a natural blanket on top of something less attractive, like composted material. 
Dill is a magnificent herb; it smells good and tastes wonderful. The two grow very well together, and the combination of the round, big bright green leaves of the Nasturtium and the very fine, deep green Dille makes for an interesting unity of shapes.

Carrots, soil and mulch 30 septembre 2019, 12:38

Even though the use of mulch on top soil has been very much in the news in connection with the effects of global  warming, its application as a natural means against drying out has been around for as long as we can remember. 
Over time, we did find new materials, like cocoa shells of chocolate beans for example. Some mulches keep out hazardous insects, others make soil smell beautifully. Overall the use of mulch is a great example of a responsible and creative way to protect earth. 

Pumpkin Patch 30 septembre 2019, 12:21

Even though Buitenleven no. 6 appears in July, when working with a magazine it is somewhat like working with fashion. You always need to be ahead of the actual season. So there it was: Vera Greutink's article referred to pumpkin plants creating an early foreboding of the incoming late summer days that already begin to remind us of the fall with all its deep yellow, creme, bright orange and green-dappled pumpkins. Galore! 

Marigolds 25 mai 2019, 22:08

These Marigolds for the May-June edition of the Dutch Buitenleven magazine were chosen because they are important from the point of view of the permaculture perspective covered in the series. The composite flowers are versatile, edible, and  applied  in both medicinal and beauty products. People love their radiant golden appearance in abundance.

Chives and their inflorescence 28 avril 2019, 17:53

Article number 3 Buitenleven magazine talks about the edible forest again, concentrating this time on how to create your own edible garden. 
For the opening page I created chives with their wonderful round purple-pink flower buds, with red raspberries and  fresh green mint further in the article. 
The author mentions how her kids are picking fruit in their home edible yard. It took me back to the happy times outdoors, the abundant space and the wonderful orchard we had when we were little so I created this friendly, nearly-blooming 'mini patch' for children. It contains several optical eye teasers that I felt went well with the gently bending, curving and leaning stems of the chive plant.
© Gusta van Dobbenburgh